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Check Out the 5 Highest Revenue Generating Mobile Game Apps

Did you know from 2.4 billion global mobile gamers in 2020, the number is expected to reach 2.7 billion in 2021?

 The surge in gaming apps and gamers has made the gaming industry boom. Games are not limited to playgrounds nowadays, the technological advancement in the world on online gaming has brought to game lovers scalable, stable, user-friendly mobile apps developed using the best technology stack. 

 The most popular mobile games genres such as Casual, Puzzle, Arcade, Action, Racing, Card, Adventure, and more deliver an excellent gaming experience. The expansion of mobile gaming is the result of the increased development of smart phones. 

The gameplay elements, graphics, sounds, user-interface, and more features are the key highlights of the game that give users an unmatched experience. In recent years, the gaming industry successfully made the highest revenues, and here a list of games has been compiled that contributed to the success:

  • Honor of Kings
Honor of Kings

The Honor of Kings from Tencent tops the list with the highest-earning of $267.3million in January 2021. This is a multiplayer game with multiplayer gameplay. With a breaking record of 100 million users daily, the game has gained global acceptance. It is a 5V5 champion mobile game that offers a real-time experience. The game entertains both iOS and Android users and the gameplay involves controlling a character and killing a non-player character to collect gold.  

  • PUBG

 In the list of top-grossing, PUBG stands second. It earned $259 million. Most parts of the revenue were generated from China users. By Tencent games, PUBG was developed for action game lovers. This anticipated mobile gameplay is an online multiplayer royale game that offers an extraordinary gaming environment. It features anytime anywhere, battles, zombie modes, and more. 

For PC and Xbox lovers, PUBG is the most preferred game with similar gaming elements.

  • Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

It’s known for generating $143 million in revenue. This RPH, developed by miHoYo is an award-winning mobile game that won the ‘Mobile Game of the Year’ award at Google Play Awards 2020. It features a Gacha system which means the game is free from a Pay-to-Play mechanism. It is a role-playing game that gets users lost in the magical world of adventure. It is available on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and PS4. Mesmerizing graphics, intuitive gameplay, incredible characters, and more optimize and improve gameplay. 

  • Coin Master
Coin Master

This single-player is the top-grossing causal game for mobile which enjoys a daily revenue estimate of $462,102. With simple gameplay, but striking features, the Coin master has gained huge importance. It is a fun game that features collecting cards, attaching and raiding a friend, spinning to earn, and more which enhance the excitement level. 

  • Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

With US$1.9 billion, Pokemon Go successfully became the top-earning mobile game with a more impressive and real-world gaming experience. The game is all about hunting the digital pokemon using smart devices. It offers a perfect blend of the digital and real world. 

The augmented reality-based game captures the interest of millions of gamers worldwide and was the biggest craze among people of all ages. This mission-based game greatly influenced the minds of gaming enthusiasts and this even turned into the biggest threat to the lives at a point in time. 

 Mobile Games Apps Trends 

The mobile gaming trends of 2021 include 5G, Augmented Reality, Cloud gaming, and more. It is a never-fading trend and growing constantly for offering cross-platform gameplay, greater connectivity, mobile-first functionality, and more. 

The cross-platform games development offers the freedom to gamers to get a similar gaming experience on mobiles, consoles, and Xbox as well. Apart, cloud gaming has been becoming the future of gaming. Also, known as gaming on-demand, cloud functionality develops server-based games. 

 The future of mobile gaming is bright and the industry has a lot more in stock to surprise the gamers. Mobile game app development is taking advantage of the emerging technologies and trends to develop competitive, challenging, and mind-blowing games. 

In Nutshell

 Every mobile game is a perfect combination of features and functionalities. A good mobile gaming app is best known for its easy installations, free downloads, user-interface, in-app purchases, live streaming, etc., and the above-discussed gaming applications have all that makes a game the user’s first choice. 

To get ahead of the competition, the gaming market is transforming the experiences of all types of gaming users. On the way to revolutionizing, the industry is still striving hard to bring jaw-dropping games. 

So, keep you stay updated with the latest games in the market and enjoy them to the fullest. 

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