Binance Venture Capital Arm Raises $500 Million For Blockchain Investment

Binance Venture Capital Arm Raises $500 Million For Blockchain Investment

Li said, capital is valuable to entrepreneurs, but it may not be the most crucial factor. “Helping entrepreneurs is more significant than fetching capital to the market.” Several cryptocurrency funds have appeared, including Andreessen Horowitz’s latest — and largest — $4.5 billion megafund and other multibillion-dollar funds.

With high-profile investment firms like Silver Lake and SoftBank investing their money into blockchain and Web3, the fervor for cryptocurrencies has spilled over into blockchain and Web3. Furthermore, the corporation intends to purchase a $500 million stake in Twitter in order to support Elon Musk’s quest to buy the company, with the purpose of “putting social media and Web3 together.” 

According to Ling Zhang, the managing partner and previous vice president of M&A and investments at Binance, the former Binance executives at Old Fashion Research launched a $100 million venture fund to focus on the metaverse and bring greater crypto adoption to emerging markets.

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