Data privacy Concern, Blockchain is a Solution

Data privacy Concern

Data privacy Concern: Data privacy is an issue that is causing concern, but blockchain offers an answer. Personalization is today’s consumers’ top priority, but concerns over consumer privacy have been growing remarkably fast. One study from Entrust, a digital security and credential issuance company, showed that only 21% of respondents have …

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Signum (Blockchain) Community Website & Documentation


The crypto movement is now available to anyone who feels green. In less than two weeks, Signum, the new generation of blockchain technologies, will go live.  Signum is an integrated smart platform offering multiple innovative features, including its native cryptocurrency Signa, which can be transferred, traded, and mined. Signum, the …

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Know-How Smart Cyber Security Can Prevent Data Breaches

Cyber Security

Cyber security has driven potential results and benefits to almost all industries including Transportation, Finance Services, Retail, Telecom, Healthcare, and more. Data protection in businesses is crucial to their success and has become the need of the time in the world full of hackers. The size of the global market …

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