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Metaverse: Opinions, Popular Players, and What’s Next

Facebook recently announced that it’s changing its brand name to Meta, amid broad criticism around the brand’s impact on society. This change is largely seen as a move to reinstate faith among the general public and to regain trust with the policymakers. While Mark Zuckerberg believes that metaverse is the …

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How To Buy Ethereum

Buy Ethereum

How To Buy Ethereum? Many people have heard of Ethereum due to its role in creating NFTs (non-fungible tokens). You might have heard that it’s the world’s second-most popular cryptocurrency and now want to be a part of it. It recently hit a series of all-time highs, as you may …

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About The Fastest Aircraft In The World: Its Reached 387 Mph.

About The Fastest Aircraft

Rolls-Royce declared on Friday that its “world’s fastest all-electric car” hit a maximum speed of 623 kilometers an hour (about 387 mph). In Rolls-Royce’s opinion, the “Spirit of Innovation” is the world’s fastest all-electric aircraft, not confused with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, owned by BMW. The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale will be …

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