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Get Complete AR Experience Hands Free with Snap Spectacles

Snap Spectacles

AR spectacles have taken the world like a storm. Apple, Samsung, Niantic, and Snapchat are the big giants invested in AR glasses. Launched by Snapchat, the hi-tech AR glasses are best designed to deliver real-world experience. In 2021, at Snap Partner’s Summit, Snap Inc. introduced it’s first-ever pair of glasses …

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Vaonis Vespera Telescope Reviews And Buying Guide

Vaonis Vespera Telescope

Vaonis Vespera Telescope: Vaonis’ innovative digital telescope is set to revolutionize astrophotography more affordable than it has ever been. Vaonis, a French company that caused controversy in 2018 whenever it introduced the pricy, sci-fi cyborg Stellina smart telescopes, has presented its next beginner-friendly astrophotography innovation: Vespera, a relatively small, lightweight, …

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