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Quantum Machines Company Expands its Quantum Orchestration with Investments from Qualcomm and Other Giants

Continuing its big expansion plans, Quantum Machines Company has got investment from Qualcomm Ventures through an extension of the Series B round. This investment will enable Quantum Machines Company to stay on its path of expansion and become a notable name for its cloud-based, universal programming language, and full-stack quantum computing orchestration platform. This investment comes just after a $50 million Series B funding round.

Ever since 2000, Qualcomm Ventures has made strategic investments in the leading technology companies with the potential of dramatically transforming our world. This has enabled Qualcomm Ventures to help entrepreneurs in building revolutionary businesses.

This investment into Quantum Machines Companyis a first by Qualcomm Ventures which is a venture capital arm of Qualcomm, the leading wireless industry innovator in the quantum computing space. With Qualcomm Ventures coming on board, Quantum Machines has affiliations with the most significant players in the 5G evolution with Samsung Next being the other Series B investor. Along with its traditional wireless interests, the investments by Qualcomm Ventures also include companies that focus on 5G, AI, IoT, automotive, consumer and cloud, and enterprise. There are more than 150 portfolio companies that Qualcomm Ventures has in its portfolio. It manages assets worth over 1.5 billion that are spread across the United States, India, China, Europe, Israel, Korea, and Latin America.

Importance of Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is bound to unleash a great computational revolution that will produce computers that are far more powerful and advanced when compared with any other computing technology we have right now. The race geared towards quantum advantage is accelerating at a rapid rate due to the multi-billion dollar investments made by venture capital funds, the largest computing corporations of the industry, and governments across the world.

Future of Quantum Computing

The convergence of quantum computing and 5G is still uncertain and hard to envision. In the past few years, we were not sure the industries that would get most impacted by AI/ML. However, in the current times, there is not even a single industry that has not been enhanced through AI/ML applications. In the near future, quantum computing will only further improve every sector. Looking forward to the future, quantum computing shows a lot of promise and will prove to be an important technology that will redefine many leading industries like AI, Cloud, and Cybersecurity.

What is Quantum Machines Company?

Quantum Machines Company is the creator of the first universal quantum computing cloud infrastructure that provides a full-stack Quantum Orchestration Platform. This ensures a completely new approach to controlling and operating quantum processors. The Quantum Orchestration Platform has the ability to run even the complex algorithms ranging from near-term applications of quantum computers to the various challenges of quantum error correction. This enables the users to realize the complete potential of all the different quantum processors right out of the box through its highly powerful, yet intuitive, programming language QUA.

Ever since Quantum Machines was founded, it has established itself as one of the leading and foremost providers of operating and control systems for quantum computing across research centers and companies. In the recent few years, Quantum Machines has developed a full-stack Quantum Orchestration Platform. This platform along with the combined software and hardware solution has enabled a completely new approach to control and operate quantum processors.

Quantum Machines Plans to Further Expand Quantum Orchestration Platform

Recently, Quantum Machines has announced a $50 million Series B investment making the total reach $83 million. With quantum computing still in its early days, Quantum Machines has come up with a great niche by developing a hardware and software system. This system is called The Quantum Orchestration Platform and it helps the burgeoning quantum machines run. As the industry develops, the platform is bound to grow. Quantum Machines is looking to develop quantum computers that are disruptive and ubiquitous across all industries. For this, the company has built a system that depends on classical computers for powering quantum computers as they develop. The interaction between classical computing and quantum computing is fundamental to the technology and will last well into the future.

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