Tesla Model 3 2022 Review: A Combination of Efficiency, Range, and Performance

With prolific ratings of 4.5/5 on PCMag, 8.4/10 on Edmunds, and 8.5/10 on Car and Driver – the 2022 Tesla Model 3 is surely the benchmark of all entry-level Electric Vehicles (EVs). Since its origin, Tesla is known to disrupt the industry with its highly efficient, fast, and performance-driven EVs. 2022 Tesla Model 3 – a segment-leading sedan with its 211 kW electric motor is living up to its hype.

Starting at $44,990, Tesla Model 3 comes in three variants namely – Model 3, Model 3 Long Range, and Model 3 Performance. While last year we had Standard Plus Range as the base model, this year the base model is named Model 3. The rest of the two variants share the same name as in 2021. Apart from that, the base model and Long Range variant have received a slight increase in range.

Model 3272 (Previously 267 on the base model)
Model 3 Performance315 (Same as the previous year)
Model 3 Long Range358 (Previously 353)
Source: PCMag.com
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