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Anker Chargers: Worth the Price

Anker is a renowned brand from China founded not so long ago. This brand is known for designing innovative and smart solutions while utilizing the advanced technology available in the market. If you are into gadgets, then you already know that all the products that Anker company produces including cables, chargers, earbuds and speakers possess some of the highest customer ratings.

Be it quality, reliability, durability or power, Anker stands strong in all aspects of customer service. Over the years Anker has become a brand that people trust and in this blog, we are going to review Anker Chargers and see how they are different from other chargers available in the market.

The new Nano II series of chargers launched by Anker are the very first chargers to take advantage of Gallium Nitride (GaN) II technology. This range includes 65, 45 and 30W chargers. These new chargers are smaller but faster at charging battery-powered devices.

Anker chargers come with a single USB-C port powered by the latest version of Anker’s power IQ 3.0 technology. With this advanced technology, the user can charge iPhone up to 3 times faster than a normal 5W stock charger. The best part is that the charger is also compatible with the Samsung Superfast Charging. The Nano II 30W, 45W and 65W are the ultimate tech accessory that you must have.

The 65W Nano II charger is of the same size as the 30W Atom PD1 but provides 2 times more power. It is the neatest thing, though a bit hefty, it is 1/4th the size of an Apple 61 Watt brick and offers the same amount of power.

Highlights of Anker Charger:

  1. It’s the only charger you need and you can literally throw your old power bricks away. Anker Nano chargers offer the power you require for your gadgets including tablets, phones, Macbook Air and that too in a tiny size.
  2. High-speed charging is there. The Anker users can charge an iPhone 12 up to 3 times faster than an original 5W charger, a 2020 Macbook Air at high speed and could even charge the latest Samsung phones at full speed with Samsung super-fast charging.
  3. Downsized design: Anker charger is 59% smaller than the original 30W USB-C charger. This charger takes up less space while providing the amount of power you need to charge your device.
  4. As a user, you get Anker Nano II 30W, 45W and 65W with a worry-free warranty and friendly customer service.
  5. Powered by GaN II Technology: With a 20% increase in operating frequency, an innovative stacked design, and an upgraded circuit board structure, GaN II technology means our latest charger is smaller and runs cooler without sacrificing a drop of power.
  6. Affordable: If you want the replacement of the large 65W charger for the laptop, then Nano II 65w is a more pocket-friendly option that provides high quality.

What’s the secret?

While reviewing Anker Nano, we found out that the secret behind the tiny fast charging design is the change in the hardware. The brand is effectively replacing the silicon electrical components for gallium nitride. By creating a new set of parts that run more efficiently and are cooler the company is providing high quality to their chargers.

Apart from this, there is Anker’s power delivery system in place that ensure safe operation and minimise the risk of overheating. During the testing session, it has been observed that the new range of charges by Anker are cooler and only got warm to touch on a long charging session. 

Every Nano II charger comes with a single USB port on the front but doesn’t involve a cable in the box. The reason for this is that for any smartphone that you will buy including iPhone or Samsung, the cable is already there in the box having USB-C end and that can be easily used with Anker’s chargers. Also, if you want you can even buy USB-C cables and lightning cables from Anker.   

Other Benefits:

  1. Fast-Charging Technology: PowerPort+ 1 guarantees the fastest possible charge to any smartphone or tablet, thanks to Quick Charge 3.0 and PowerIQ technology
  2. The Anker Advantage: Join the 50 million+ powered by our leading technology.
  3. Safety First: Exclusive Anker technology provides surge protection, temperature control and more advanced safety features, keeping you and your devices safe.
  4. Supreme Compatibility: Backwards-compatible with all versions of Qualcomm Quick Charge technology (1.0, 2.0 & 3.0). Also charges non–Quick Charge devices at up to 2.4A.

This was our review of Anker’s chargers. If you need a cheaper alternative to the original iPhone or Samsung chargers, then you must give them a try. You might not want to switch back to the originals once you have tried Anker. It’s worth a try.

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