Sonos portable speakers

Sonos Portable Speakers: Designed For The Best Wireless Sound Experience

In recent years, we have seen a growing trend of portable speakers around the world. The reason is that now people are more for wireless things and wants gadgets that can be easily carried at different places.

Nobody likes the interruptions in their entertainment and Sonos portable speakers made it possible. Listen to your favourite songs on the move, whether you are sitting all alone in your room or while you are hanging out with your friends. Wireless connectivity, voice control and there are numerous other features that make Sonos portable speaker an amazing choice for you. Let’s check out how this speaker can do wonders.

  1. Durable battery: A portable speaker can only be useful if it offers enough battery life and could run for long hours outdoors. Sonos portable speaker is a durable, battery-powered smart speaker and could easily run for a longer duration in comparison to other portable speakers in the market.
  2. Brilliant sound anywhere: The user can get amazing sound quality with the drop-resistant and weatherproof features. The best part is that you can control your voice via the Sonos app and play through Apple AirPlay 1 at home. Also, when WiFi isn’t available you can stream through Bluetooth.
  3. Finely tuned to the surrounding environment: Relish the excitingly rich bass and a wide soundstage with automatic Trueplay tuning. This provides the speaker ability to adapt as per the surrounding you are in and type of the sound you are listening to.
  4. Voice Control: AI applications like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are built right in so that whenever you connect the speaker with WiFi it can play music, set alarms, check the news for you and get all your questions answered with voice recognition. When you’ll use it, you’d know that being completely hands-free is amazing with a sound system.
  5. Ultra-durable body: As a user, you don’t have to worry about bumps or drops with Sonos portable speakers because all the components are protected by a shock-resistant and hardwearing case.
  6. Weather-resistant: Be it rain or sun, the speaker is designed to bear all the weather conditions.
  7. Simple recharging: Speakers come with up to 11 hours of battery life. For quick power, while listening, you can just set the speaker on the included indoor charging base. This way you can get power whenever you need it with an additional charging base.

Specifications and Features

  1. Power supply: USB-C adapters available in the speaker supports one or more of the following output levels: 15V/3A, 12V/3A, 20V/2.5A, 15V/3A.
  2. Dimensions – H x W x D: 9.44 x 6.29 x 4.96 in. (240 x 160 x 126 mm)
  3. IP rating: Rated IP56 for protection from dust particles and liquid splashes.
  4. Top-panel features: Capacitive touch controls for volume up/down, previous/next track, play/pause, microphone mute. LED indicates status, mute status, and voice feedback.
  5. Product Finish: Shadow Black or Lunar White with a matte finish
  6. Weight: 6.61 lb (3 kg) including battery
  7. Complete privacy: An illuminated LED indicator light ensures that the user is always aware when the speaker’s microphone is active.
  8. Responsive audio chime lets the user know Sonos Move has heard them and is working to create a response.
  9. One downward-firing tweeter generates a clear high-frequency and crisp response that scatters evenly for an ultra-wide soundstage
  10. Far-field microphone array utilizes hi-tech beamforming and multi-channel echo cancellation so your voice assistant can be readily activated
  11. Two Class-D digital amplifiers aptly tuned to match the speaker drivers and acoustic architecture.
  12. One mid-woofer integrated into the cabinet ensures faithful playback of mid-range vocal frequencies plus deep, rich bass.
  13. Contents included in the box: Sonos Move, Indoor Charging Base, Quickstart Guide, and Legal Booklet

Delivery and Financing

  • The customer gets to enjoy free expedited shipping at any location in the US.
  • A simple financing option is also available for which the customer can set up low monthly payments when he/she selects Klarna at checkout.
  • Professional installation service is also provided by the company. On the website, you can find a certified installer who will come and customize your architectural Sonos system as per your needs.
  • In case you are not satisfied with the quality of the speakers, then you have the option to return within the period of 45 days. Plus, the shipping is covered by the company itself.
  • The market price is 399$ which is very apt for the multiple features and quality the speaker provides.

So, what are you waiting for? If you too are looking for a high-quality portable speaker for your next trip, then Sonos Portable Speaker is an amazing option. You can visit the online store and buy now. For more information about the product, you can even contact the professionals at Sonos. 

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