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The NFT Marketplace OpenSea report transaction volume of $3.4 billion for August

Marketplace OpenSea report transaction

NFT Marketplace OpenSea report transaction: On Ethereum last month, OpenSea, which markets non-fungible tokens, saw transaction volumes of $3.4 billion, a tenfold increase from July.  In its report on Monday, September 6, MarketWatch claimed that nonfungible tokens (NFT) had seen “unprecedented interest.” Ether, Solana, and other blockchains that create NFTs also increased …

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Tiktok Partners With Blockchain Startup And Creators May Benefit

Blockchain-based music streaming platform Audius has joined forces with the social media app TikTok, becoming the first service in an exclusive partnership. Music income goes to the artists in the form of a small cut. Audius hopes to change this. The U.S. music industry is expected to generate $23 billion in …

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