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China and Europe Lead the Push to Regulate A.I. Who Will Set the Global Playbook?

With China and Europe setting a strong foothold in artificial intelligence, this has given rise to a new discussion regarding who will be setting the standards for this rapidly increasing technology.

Back in March this year, China rolled out regulations that governed the way in which online recommendations are generated through algorithms. These include suggestions for what to watch, buy, or read.

This is China’s newest salvo in strengthening the grip on the tech sector, and it lays down a critical marker in regulating AI.


According to the conversation of Xiaomeng Lu with CNBC, the director of Eurasia Group’s geo-technology practice, certain people found it surprising last year when China began drafting the AI regulation. This makes China the first major economy to put it on the regulatory agenda.

As China updates and improves its rulebook for tech, the European Union is making an effort by discarding its regulatory framework to rein in AI. However, it is a long journey before passing the finish line.

The field of AI development and business is bound to see a major change on a global level as two of the largest economies present AI regulations.

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