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China and Europe Lead the Push to Regulate A.I. Who Will Set the Global Playbook?

Two Entirely Different Universes

According to Seth Siegel, who is the global head of AI at Infosys Consulting, these differences will lead to the formation of a schism in the way AI develops on the global stage. While designing mathematical models, machine learning, and AI, he will take fundamentally different approaches in China versus the EU. China and Europe, at some point, will dominate the way AI is policed. This creates “fundamentally different” pillars on which technology will be developed. Also, Siegel believes the techniques, approaches, and styles will start to diverge. However, not everyone has the same opinion that the world’s AI landscape will splinter due to these differing approaches. Companies are working towards tailoring their products to work in different markets.

The research and development of AI transcend borders and researchers around the world can learn from one another.

Final Thoughts

In a situation, when two ecosystems cut ties between technologists and if communication and dialog from a technical perspective are banned, it has a possibility of posing a much greater threat. When there are two different universes of AI, it can end up being quite dangerous the way in which they interact with each other.

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