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GK8 partners with Stellar to provide custody services for blockchains

GK8 partners with Stellar

GK8 partners with Stellar: Demand for institutional-grade blockchain solutions is rising as banks and traditional financial institutions look to invest in cryptocurrencies. The stellar Network will be able to utilize custody and tokenization services by blockchain cybersecurity company GK8, Stellar Lumen (XLM) token might attract institutional interest with this move. XLM investments …

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The Future of Perception for Autonomous Vehicles: Waymo at CVPR 2021

Waymo at CVPR

Autonomous Driving is a buzzword in 2021 and the future looks bright. Based on the intelligent mechanism, autonomous vehicles are making a big move and bringing a positive transition by improving transportation and helping to predict human behaviors. Waymo, an American-based Autonomous Driving Technology Company is offering a safe and …

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