Amazon Echo Buds

Amazon Echo Buds- Next-Gen Wireless Earphones

The technology has been offering a far more advanced experience to music lovers with premium quality headphones. A next-level music listening is the result of high-end headphones with functionality. With impeccable performance, the Amazon Echo Buds are the top-rated amongst the popular names in the market. Amazon introduced a series of headphones that are built to deliver an unmatched user experience. 

The unwanted noises disrupt the music and this was the biggest reason behind the invention of ANC echo buds. The vented design makes it easier to fit in ear canal and it avoids causing pressure. The balanced sound reduces distortion.  

Here, in the article we will take a deep dive into the popular series of Amazon Echo Buds that have a lot more to offer:

First Gen Echo Buds

As the first-gen was launched not with many features, but still being the newest introduction in the market of music gadgets it catches everyone’s eye. It has a lot in stock than just being a wireless speaker. It came into existence in 2015 with excellent voice recognition, super sound quality, etc.  The headphones are highly advanced to use with amazing functionalities as:

  • Alexa Voice Assistant
  • Bose-Tuned Active Noise Reduction
  • Comfortable Fit
  • IPX4 Sweat Resistance
  • Active Noise Reduction
  • Excellent Battery Life

Pricing: With a myriad of features, the first-gen wire-free echo buds are available online at $130.

Second-Gen Echo Buds

In April 2021, Amazon hit the market with its newest addition of ANC-powered second-generation echo buds. This pair of new headphones is getting popular as this makes a perfect pair of wireless earbuds with improved sound quality with the Active Noise Cancellation feature. 

Pricing:   The hi-tech echo buds with USB-Charging cases are available in the market for $119.99. In addition, the echo buds with an upgraded case with wireless charging cost $139.99. As compared to an initial product, the 2nd gen headphones are cheaper. The affordability and customization make it a worthy alternative to other headphones for sale in the market. 

 Tech Specifications of 2nd Gen Echo Buds

  • Speakers: 5.7mm Dynamic Drivers
  • Microphones: Two External Beamforming &1 Internal inEar Bud
  • IPX4 Splash Resistant & Durable
  • Accelerometer, Proximity, & Touch Sensor
  • Realtek RTL8763C
  • 5 Hours Music Playback with Amazon & Alexa
  • Compatible with Android & iOS
  • Available in Black & White Color

Along with fun and comfort, security is another benefit that every user can have the pleasure of.  For a safe user experience, the headphones provide four ear tip sizes and two wingtips.  Adding more to it, Amazon has made it stand out by offering what Apple’s AirPods lacks and i.e. Equalizer for enhancing bass, mid, and treble effects as per choices.  It is highly recommended to have this fully-featured and cost-effective ear buds.

Pros of Second Gen Amazon Echo Buds

  • Great Sound Quality
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Sleek & Comfortable Design

Great Value for Money!

The very first pair of Echo buds was launched by Amazon on October 30, 2019. The earbuds shortly grab the attention in the market with their 22x23x24mm dimensions, 7.6g weight, and IXP4 waterproof feature. This is an all-in-one solution for all music lovers to get instant access to their music with hands-free Alexa control. The initial pair of earbuds was designed to feature Bose’s noise reduction. After that Amazon comes up with 1st and second-generation earbuds that are undoubtedly the best reply to all your technological needs. 

On the go experience of music with lightweight and comfortable earphones has no match. The athletes and commuters can make the most out of echo buds. 


The excellent and crystal clear sound quality is all that a music lover expects from its pair of earbuds. Tech products have become the part and parcel of people of all ages. In today’s fast-forward world, wireless headphones like Amazon Echo Buds have made listening to music anytime anywhere as easy as ABC. Not just easy to handle, the echo buds offer convenience to the users at their best. This has become a tough competitor to Apple with a plethora of striking features such as Alexa Smarts onboard, IPX4-water resistance, and noise controlling. In addition, thevoice commands via Alexa enable the users to get tracked their activities, exercise, speed, etc. 

Anyone new to wireless headphones should go for best-in-class earbuds by Amazon. With smart features packed in, it additionally comes with a wireless charging case.  While making a choice, consider Amazon Echo earbuds because it has everything that amplifies your music experience effortlessly. 

To know more, explore the internet and get equipped with all the features and capabilities of the best selling earbuds.

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