Apple AirTags
Apple AirTags

Apple’s New Launched AirTags are Making the Biggest Hit

The recent launch of AirTags by Apple has brought a wave of happiness among apple users. It was released on April 20, 2021, with an idea behind it to bring apple customers a technology-rich solution to find their losing stuff. If I am not wrong then Tile Essentials in the market is also an advanced Bluetooth tracker that acts as essential items locator. And now Apple’s AirTags has come up as an alternative to Tile Essentials by giving a tough competition. 

The big tech with the power to control our lives is gaining huge popularity worldwide. But still, there is a lot more to know about what AirTags is, how it works, pricing, usability, etc. 

Introduction to AirTags

Highly compatible with iPhone 12, this technology-rich device works through the Find My app and network. Apple’s AirTags is a big Tech giant that was made available to users from April 23 across the globe. A glossy white front and a provision of free engraving give this upper powerful device a sophisticated touch. The efficient and long battery life shelf makes it work for a long time. 

Apple AirTags

Tech Specifications

  • U1 Chip for Ultra Wideband technology
  • Diameter: 31.9 mm (1.26 inches)
  • Height: 8.0 mm (0.31 inch)
  • 11 grams Weight (0.39 ounce) 
  • Water & Dust Resistance up to 30 mins in 1-meter depth
  • Bluetooth for proximity finding
  • NFC tap for Lost Mode
  • User-replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery
  • Accelerometer Sensor

Notable Features of AirTags

  • Precision Finding 

When finding a lost device, an accurate and precise location is necessary to be known. And the precision finding enables the users to track the items based on accurate distance and direction.  

The feature only runs in iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 and provides directions to the users by simply displaying the instructions on the phone screen. Further, it includes enabling the sound button within the app and the built-in speakers loudly provide suggestions to follow. 

  • Lost Mode Functionality 

 In case, the device is out of Bluetooth range, the lost mode feature helps you reach your AirTags easily. The apple AirTags can be put in the lost mode by simply enabling the mode in the Find My app. 

No worries, if you failed to find your remote, keys, wallets, etc. just go to Find My app, give the command to Siri in the new items tab in the application and enable the sound on the speakers. In just a minute or less, your device will be found hassle-free.  

In the items tab, select AirTags that are lost and activate the lost mode. To make the search hassle-free, add your contact details and start your search. To get the notification when the device is found, tap the toggle. Further, it allows the user to create a personalized message to indicate the one who finds your lost AirTags. The notification and message advantages can only be availed when the AirTags are out of range. 

Once the item is found, the founder needs to bring the item in a range of the NFC-enabled iPhone & Android device. Once the contact is built, the founder can find a notification with a link on the website with essential details like your notification and phone number.

  • AirTags Privacy

The easy-to-use AirTags lets you find your stuff without invading your privacy. The safety feature in it makes the experience more delightful. The on-screen alert immediately informs about the unknown AirTags in your range. An alarming alert will be heard after a certain time interval to keep you informed. Additionally, no second person can track and monitor your device as the AirTagss keep on rotating & changing the Bluetooth signal identifiers.       

Quick Look on How AirTags Ease your Search

It works based on the secured Bluetooth Signal technology. When an item is lost, AirTags send a Bluetooth signal to Find My Network in the Apple devices that are nearby. Next, the location of AirTags is sent to the cloud by the devices. Half of the problem is resolved till this point, what is left next is just to go to your Find My app and check out an accurate location on the map.              

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What comes in the AirTags box?

 The Apple’s AirTags pack is comprised of a small buttoned–shaped device for tracking with a CR2032 coin cell battery installed. Also, the box includes a knowledge base documentation to provide in-depth and quick setup instructions.


The AirTags are available at their best price. The price for a single AirTags is $29. You can also purchase a pack of 4 AirTags for $$99. 

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