Gosund wifi smart plugs

Gosund wifi smart plugs Review And Buying Guide

If you’re seeking the latest home automation gadgets, you already have more than enough reasons to consider Gosund wifi smart plugs.  When inserted into electricity, these little gadgets turn whatever gadget is connected into a smart device. Do you have a 1960s lamp?  When you connect this into a Gosund wifi smart plugs, it becomes controlled through voice, application, and even remote control.

Review of The Gosund wifi smart plugs:

The Gosund wifi smart plugs have gained popularity due to their simple appearance and connection with major home automation companions including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and also the IoT protocol, IFTTT, which allows for smooth communication with a variety of smart home gadgets.

Features of Gosund wifi smart plugs

The Go Smart Application is the primary tool for controlling the Gosund wifi smart plugs. It is quite easy to use, and also some general level restrictions may be written straight in the application.

And, this does not reach the level of more complicated systems such as openHAB or Home Assistant. Even though it is remarkably strong given how basic the UI is.

Control Voice Command:

Smart plugs from Gosund that integrate with Alexa as well as Google Home Assistant. Simply deliver a straightforward voice command to Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant to manage your smart outlet-enabled home gadget.  Furthermore, no hub is required to install the wifi plug. The Gosund Alexa outlet connector is compatible with a solid 2.4GHz network.

Timer & Schedule:

You may make a crockpot meal and have supper ready when you arrive at your house by configuring schedules and alarms for your house’s smart wifi electrical sockets.  And, prepare for home automation by creating a personalized schedule to switch on/off any household electronic appliances including such lights, Christmas lights, espresso machine, and so on.  Moreover, You should bear in mind that the Alexa outlet connector is not suited for gadgets with a power rating of over 10A/1200W, including an air conditioning unit, microwave, induction cooker, and many more.

Everywhere Remote Control:

The Google Gosund smart plug allows you to operate your household gadgets from everywhere. Even though you’re not at the house. You can operate your Alexa wifi outlets immediately through the Gosund Application as soon as your smartphone is connected to a protected 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Ideal for folks who are incapable to move around freely and need instant access to turn on/off a piece of hardware.

Gather A Team And Share It With Your Family:

Make a group with all Google Home connections and manage them all with a single command. In less than a minute, distribute your Alexa-compatible wifi plugs to all family and friends. No need to be concerned; everybody can simply regulate them.

Secure And Convenient To Install:

Simply plug a gadget into the tiny wifi smart outlet and use the “Gosund” Application to connect to your private 2.4GHz network.  And, high-quality components and technologies, including V-0 flammable thermoplastics, copper wire connections, and sophisticated PCB boards, are used in the smart plug.  Besides, this can prevent fires and give overcurrent protection to keep family and friends secure. Furthermore, ETL certification assures perfect security.

Performance of Gosund wifi smart plugs

It’s very amazing to be able to turn almost any gadget into a smart home gadget. You can automate the Gosund wifi smart plugs using the Smart Life application. Shutting electricity to the devices at particular times. Instead, you may set those gadgets to run on a schedule. The ironic part is using voice control. You may connect your Gosund wifi smart plugs to voice assistants using devices such as the Amazon Echo Dot as well as Google Home. 

And, Alexa from Amazon Google Assistant, which allows you to use voice instructions. It doesn’t, unfortunately, function with Apple HomeKit. Siri is not an option. When combined with an Echo Show 5 as well as a Google Nest Learning Thermostat. The complete system enables smart home a snap.

Design of Gosund wifi smart plugs

The Gosund wifi smart plug’s size is undoubtedly its finest feature. These smart plugs will not interfere with any neighboring plugged-in gadgets.  Not only are the Gosund wifi smart plugs compact, but there are 4 in the bundle! This makes it very simple to add a few key gadgets to your smart home collection.

In a related manner, the Gosund wifi smart plugs are simple to install. You will not have to juggle cables or anything like that. Just put it into a neighboring outlet, turn it on, then pair it with your smart home gadget.


Gosund created a very simple-to-use smart home connector capable of integrating a few gadgets into your home automation architecture.  And, the smart plugs are an excellent bargain because of how well it functions. All of the functionality it offers, and it’s simple to look at. 

Besides, this is notably significant when you realize you receive four in a box, which further sweetens the offer. Not to forget pairing these Gosund wifi smart plugs with the Go Smart application which allows complete management of equipment from a single place.

Unboxing and Installation

I usually include an unpacking part, but this package is so simple that it doesn’t need its own part. When I initially had the smart plugs in my hands. The very first factor that struck me was how little it is; this is perhaps my favorite feature of it. I’ve examined a lot of smart plugs, and they’re usually rather large.

The smart plugs can be readily connected in small locations, which gives it an advantage over the competitors. The smart plugs Installation was a breeze; it lasted me just under 5 minutes, but I must admit that I had to have the Smart Life application because I have other gadgets that can be managed with it. Having said that, the Gosund wifi smart plugs installation guidelines are more than enough for installing the gadget without any technical experience.


  • 4 plugs are included
  • Control through voice or an application
  • Simple to assemble


  • Does not work with Apple HomeKit

Price of Gosund wifi smart plugs

Gosund wifi smart plugs are available on Amazon at $24.99 and Gosund has a good 4.3 out of 5-star rating.

In conclusion

The basic idea underneath the smart plugs is straightforward: turn on and off any gadgets attached to the socket.  However, given that just a very few of our household products are smart and can be linked to WiFi, these tiny plugs can simulate the impression of controlling our whole household appliances using only a smartphone application.

And because the smart plugs are compliant both with Alexa as well as Google Home, you can regulate your smart home gadgets using both Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Hope you like our review of the smart plugs and if you have any questions regarding smart plugs mentioned in the comment section.

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