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Xbox Consoles- Best Fit Every Game Lovers Play Style

Did you know Microsoft’s Xbox Series X sale is expected to reach 30 million by 2023? 

In the sea of the gaming console market, there are many big names such as Sony, Nintendo, Blizzard Entertainment, and more that have successfully made their marks. The new generation consoles are the hottest things among the gaming population and the craze for the latest series of Xbox is never-ending. 

Xbox series x
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 The Xbox series takes you on an exciting journey with its amazing range of games. Be it Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Star Wars, Dirt 5, and more, each genre of the game delivers a realistic experience to the gamers.  

Aiming to deliver an immersive gaming experience, Microsoft’s Xbox One X/S is loaded with next-generation features, take a look at:

  • Dolby Vision:  It has transformed the whole gaming concept with an introduction of high-end HDR technology. The color accuracy, contrasts, dynamic HDR format provides a seamless and crystal clear view. The dynamic metadata in Dolby Vision offers a compatible display. 
  • Dynamic Backgrounds: With the newest addition, the Xbox X & S series are available with more dynamic backgrounds. It allows the gamers to personalize their dashboards. The exciting color themes, animations, and styles help you reflect your personalized styles. 
  • Microsoft Store:  Get your favorite games before anyone else at the Microsoft store. This has taken the pain out of installing and downloading the games. The games for people of all moods can be preloaded from the store.
  • Family Settings: In Xbox Series X & S, the users can now enjoy parental control as well. Microsoft introduced Family App using which the parents can set privileges and track their child’s screen time, plus Xbox usage. 
  • Quick Resume: Enjoy instant suspension and resuming of games at a single point in time. In Xbox X & S consoles, the multiple titles can be switched by the gamers and resumed anytime. 
  • Storage Expansion: The Xbox series features a 1TB Storage Expansion Card which makes it easier to add more storage to the Xbox console. 

 What’s more? The all-new Xbox series is powered by the following: 

Xbox Velocity Architecture

In Xbox series X, the velocity architecture delivers a promising and high-quality gameplay experience. For game asset streaming, it is the right solution. 

Expanding Game Library 

 The Seagate expansion card in Xbox helps expand the game library. Game sharing allows the users to share game libraries. 

Xbox Game Pass

Now you can play unlimited games with a game pass on Xbox. This is used to explore the best entertaining games with new titles. 

 Future of XBOX

Xbox has and is going to win millions of hearts worldwide. The gaming industry is booming and people are looking forward to the super interesting and striking games with advanced features and functionality. Microsoft has a lot in store for Xbox lovers and the Age of Empires IV is at the top. The cloud-technology in Xbox has given consoles a new shape. 

So, get started with your Xbox today and uncover the hidden features.

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