WWDC 2022
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Apple WWDC 2022- The 16 Biggest Announcements

Apple’s Passkeys eliminates the need for passwords. 

We expected this, given Big Tech’s long-standing desire to replace passwords due to their unreliability. Now, Safari in macOS 13 Ventura also supports the new feature of Apple Passkeys.

This new function effectively substitutes your password, allowing users to check in to a variety of websites using only their iPhone or Mac. However, this is not integrated into the application still, but it is available in Safari.

Continuity Camera allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam

Apple just cannot fit a high-resolution camera within the bezels of its Macs and MacBooks, no matter how hard they try. So, they have given this ability to the macOS users to use their iPhones as webcams.

iPadOS 16 introduces new multitasking and collaboration features. 

Apple launches multiple new multi-tasking and collaborating features in the iPadOS. Users will be able to work within Office products such as Pages, and will also have access to a new whiteboard tool called Freedom. Apple also unveiled Stage Manager, a new multitasking function that lets iPad users resize and overlap multiple windows.

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