Razer Wireless Gaming Mouse
Source: Amazon.com, Razer Wireless Gaming Mouse

Top 4 Razer Wireless Gaming Mouse Review And Buying Guide

Razer Wireless Gaming Mouse: You can rely on the finest gaming mouse to extract every single ounce of productivity from your gaming Machine as well as the graphics card that powers your system. 

A good mouse designed expressly to offer you a gaming advantage might mean the difference between victory and defeat in your game again and again.

Review Of Best 4 Razer Wireless Gaming

Razer devices are typically well-made and offer solid performance & personalization choices; if you’re hunting for a solid gaming mouse, you probably can’t go wrong with any of these Razer selections.

Razer Orochi V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer Orochi V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse
Source: Amazon.com, Razer Orochi V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Choosing the best gaming mouse for your budget and requirements may necessitate some compromises. And, if you’re prepared to exchange your mouse’s cord for a battery, size for freedom of movement, and RGB for elegance, the Razer Orochi V2 is the newest strangely named Razer gaming mouse to attract you.

The Razer Orochi V2, much like the Orochi just before it. Orochi V2 is a 2.4 GHz wireless gaming mouse or Bluetooth designed for travel. And Orochi V2 demonstrates this because it is so surprisingly small. It’s also lightweight, making this not only convenient to carry but also enjoyable to spray well over even when playing your many competitive Shooting games.

Orochi V2 has a more unassuming appearance than its immediate predecessor, which is based on Japanese mythology of a snake with eight heads and eight tails and reminds me of the eternal boss from Warriors Orochi computer games.  And yet, just as the Orochi legend depicts a multi-faceted snake, the Orochi V2 does have its brilliant moments on its sleeves, such as an adaptable, well-textured grip and wonderfully perfect feet.


  • There is only one AA or AAA battery needed. Works with either or.
  • Connection via Bluetooth or dongle
  • The comfortable feeling throughout all grip types
  • It is light.
  • Gliding with ease


  • That’s a little tiny, particularly for people with medium or large hands.
  • It is not rechargeable
  • There is no RGB


Razer Orochi V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse is available on Amazon at $69.99 and Orochi V2 has a good 4.3 out of 5-star rating. Also with the Orochi V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse, Razer decided to create a gaming mouse that could handle all popular grip styles. A few palm grippers with standard size hands or larger hands like 6.7 inches or longer may request more height.

But the Razer Orochi V2 is tiny and even though simple to deceive in fingers, palm, or claw grips, assisted by a wonderful texture which also provides a premium-feeling hurdle toward eyesore smudges and greasy residue, at least throughout long-term easygoing usages.

If you enjoy a compact, lightweight gaming mouse and wish to get rid of all cords, the Razer Orochi V2 is difficult to pass up, notably with its superior feel. Gamers with big hands, on the other hand, might think again.

Razer Viper 8KHz Gaming Mouse:

Razer Viper 8KHz Gaming Mouse
Source: Amazon.com, Razer Viper 8KHz Gaming Mouse

Which specification is most significant in creating the greatest gaming mouse that professionals can use? You could guess its responsiveness when you’ve been searching for the latest mouse specifications recently. Some gaming mouse have increased their maximum sensitivity to the extent wherein 20,000 counts per inch (CPI) is usual. 

Nevertheless, we’ve long maintained that the apparent improvements can be minor, and yet we’ve essentially been in a CPI hunt that several gamers, who are still content in the 3,000-CPI region, choose to overlook. The Razer Viper 8K Hz is looking for a new type of high. Its distinguishing feature is also an 8,000 Hz poll rate, which outperforms the 1,000 Hz rate found in most gaming mouse nowadays. 

Unlike a typical gaming mouse, which transmits information to the linked PC 1,000 times per second, the Viper 8K Hz sends information 8,000 times per second.  The mouse, which costs the same as the classic Razer Viper but has a 1,000 Hz poll rate and lower sensor specifications, is an obvious option for anyone looking for a versatile mouse with high performance. 

Yet how much of a difference would an 8,000 Hz polling rate make in your skill sets? That varies on your skill level and whether or not you’ve ever justified a miss on bad mouse movement.


  • The polling frequency is 8000Hz
  • Extremely low click latency
  • It appears to be quite well-made
  • Extremely light
  • Design that is both comfortable and ambidextrous


  • Software is incompatible with macOS
  • Cable is less adaptable than some other solutions


Razer Viper 8KHz Gaming Mouse is available on Amazon at $79.99 & FREE Returns and Viper 8KHz has a good 4.7 out of 5-star rating. The Razer Viper 8KHz is ideal for first-person shooter gameplay. It’s pretty lightweight for a mouse without even a honeycomb construction, and it’s well-made. 

Besides, its versatile body features a low profile, which is ideal for fingertip handling, although tiny hands can fail to reach some keys.  And, it boasts a large and configurable CPI range, as well as an extremely low click latency and a short lift-off range. Its highest polling rate of 8000 Hz should allow more smooth cursor movement, although we haven’t tested this yet.

Razer Naga X Gaming Mouse:

Razer Naga X Gaming Mouse
Source: Amazon.com, Razer Naga X Gaming Mouse

When you think of MMO gaming mice, you have a specific photograph in your imagination. They’re comfortable, but clumsy and heavy input gadgets engineered for all-night strikes rather than high performance. And, the Razer Naga X gaming mouse, a simple corded variant of the manufacturer’s freshly updated Naga Pro, challenges that perception slightly. 

Besides, the Naga X gaming mouse separates from the crowd since it is a surprisingly light MMO mouse. Even though it can match with the very low weights found in conventional gaming mice, the Naga X comes close.  And, to achieve that weight, the Naga X gaming mouse foregoes several of the Naga Pro’s greatest features, such as the eye-catching detachable thumb side panels.

The Naga X Gaming Mouse has a comparable shape and visual appeal to the Naga Pro. However, it is wide and flat, measuring about 1.50 by 2.94 by 4.56 inches (HWL), with something like a slot on the right-hand side to help your ring finger. Again, ring finger accommodation is quite prevalent in MMO layouts; the additional assistance for the “necessary” finger allows you to grasp and operate the mouse securely without grabbing the edges. 

Is the gaming mouse now significantly larger and heavier as a consequence of this? That is correct. It can, however, grip the gaming mouse for prolonged periods. And, The ring finger groove of the Naga X Gaming Mouse is placed downward than the click panels, directing your hand into a softly inclined, ergonomic hold.


  • Build quality is outstanding
  • There are 12 customizable side buttons
  • It’s fairly light
  • Most hand sizes may use a palm or claw grip
  • A one-of-a-kind finger rest for the third finger


  • MacOS is incompatible with the software
  • Unlike many other Naga mice, this one does not have swappable panels
  • No grip style is suited for little hands


The Razer Naga X gaming mouse is available on Amazon at $79.99 & FREE Returns and Naga X has a good 4.5 out of 5-star rating.  The Razer Naga X gaming mouse is an amazing MMO gaming mouse. It’s well-made and may be used with a palm and claw grip by those with medium to big hands. 

Also, there is distinctive finger support on the right-hand side for the third finger. It contains a large number of keys that can always be remapped with whatever you desire.  Moreover, The Razer Naga X includes a 12-button design on the left-hand side and a HyperShift key for the second level of programmed choices.  And, Naga X boasts a low click latency, an extremely high polling frequency, and a broad CPI range with rather accurate modification steps.

Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse:

Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse
Source: Amazon.com, Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse

Razer has introduced their Viper Ultimate gaming mouse, packing new wireless technology and an upgraded optical sensor into a thin, versatile design.  While still not flawless, the outcome is the greatest wireless gaming mouse available currently in the marketplace. Yet Razer Viper Ultimate seems as snappy as any corded mouse I’ve tried. 

And, Viper charges a hefty $150 or £150 for that high performance, and if you’re willing to invest in a compact wireless mouse in 2019, the Viper Ultimate is your right alternative.  Besides, it’s a serious competitor for the wireless reign held by the Logitech G502 Lightspeed.

The Razer Focus, as well as Optical Sensor, is a revolutionary piece of hardware that Razer has included into as well this Viper gaming mouse and the Basilisk Ultimate.  Moreover, the Basilisk is larger and has more configurable keys, whilst the Viper Ultimate is thinner and versatile. 

The sensor has a DPI/CPI strength of approximately 20,000, which is greater than anything else on our top gaming mouse ranking. Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mouse can also monitor at a speed of approximately 650 IPS (inches per second). 

For instance, our absolute favorite cordless mouse, the Logitech G502 Lightspeed, has a rating of up to 400 IPS, implying that the Viper Ultimate has a greater maximum for detecting quicker motions.  Again, the resolution correctness of the Viper Ultimate is 99.6 percent, which is greater than the 99.4 percent of the Razer Deathadder Elite, undoubtedly the best-corded mouse in the industry.


  • The 20K CPI sensor is the greatest we’ve seen
  • It’s lightweight in the hand and has a gripping feel
  • Being ambidextrous
  • Battery life is improved


  • Cost-effective
  • The right and left clicks of the mouse are a little fragile
  • There are fewer customizable buttons than rivals


The Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse is available on Amazon at $149.99 & FREE Returns and Viper Ultimate has a good 4.7 out of 5-star rating. The Razer Viper Ultimate provides a platter of elite technology while remaining in a featherlight and ultra-responsive body. The end product is stunning. That is if you are prepared to pay. This pointer is not inexpensive, particularly given the few customization choices for programmed macro keys and weight.

Final words:

While you will undoubtedly discover the greatest gaming mouse of your desires, it may take a bit of time.  That’s to be anticipated; there’s a lot of intricate technical language in the best gaming mouse, such as polling rates as well as DPI ratings, that a typical shopper would not be comfortable with. 

For the moment, although these 2 phrases signify completely separate things you’ll desire a larger number of both. We hope you like our review of the best 4 Razers wireless gaming mouse and if you still have any questions regarding Razer Wireless Gaming Mouse ask in the comment section. Moreover, tell us which Razer wireless gaming mouse you will buy in the future. 

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