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Smartphone Game Controllers Reviews And Buying Guides 2021

Smartphone Game Controllers: Well before the debut of the Xbox Game Pass. Owning the finest mobile gaming controller was critical for smartphone players. And, there seem to be a plethora of amazing Android video games available. That can be improved with the assistance of a controller. And who even appreciates handling on-screen controls? 

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for the latest controller to improve and elevate your smartphone gaming experience. We’ve grabbed you covered with the best Android game controllers and iPhone too.

Review Of The Best Two Smartphone Game Controllers:

Gaming on mobile phones has become much better in recent years as our smartphones’ internal hardware has become increasingly powerful.  And, the Nintendo Switch exemplifies how much power we can squeeze out of a portable device. Our IOS and Android smartphones are not shrinking violets when it refers to providing large libraries of engaging games. Our phones are able to house multiple games and our phones do not lag or freeze during a game.

Rotor Riot Controller for iPhone

Rotor Riot Controller for iPhone
Source:, Rotor Riot Controller for iPhone

Game Controller is best recognized for selling drone equipment and gear for those interested in drone competition and first-person vision. Rotor Riot is one of the first firms to collaborate with Apple. On the development of an MFi authorized cable game controller for the iPhone. 

Besides, they introduced their second-gen Rotor Riot gamepad controller in July. Which looks very similar to the original version game controller and nowadays features PS4 Remote Play. The fact also that L3 and R3 thumb buttons on Rotor Riot’s gaming controller are programmable is one of its main selling factors. Unlike certain MFi certified game controllers with thumbsticks, the majority of them do not enable L3 and R3 inputs.

An additional advantage of this game controller is that it is cable, which ensures there is minimal to no delay while gaming. However, if you’re a hardcore mobile player who relies significantly on a game controller. The Rotor Riot controller may be your ideal bet.

Underneath the Rotor Riot controller is a pass-through Lightning connector that recharges your iPhone meaning you will not have to bother about running out of energy.  Moreover, one feature I desire the controller included was a detachable cord that enabled us to swap out the built-in cord if it started playing up or if you want a nicer, shorter wire.

Without Lag And Latency:

With a Rotor Riot wired controller, you can enjoy continuous gaming with no lag or latency. Participate in your battle royale video games with agility and a crisp picture that is free of skips, glitches, as well as a blur.

Works With More Than 1000 Video Game:

Ludu Mapp, Rotor Riot affiliate application, is interoperable including over 1,000 applications and games With this compatible gadget you may play your beloved battle royale games such as Call of Duty/COD, PUBG, and Madden 21. You should Install the Rotor Riot affiliate application from the Apple App Store to sync with your favorite game.

Rotor Riot mobile game controller works with any Apple smartphone that has a lightning connector and is operating iOS 7 or higher. Now you can play your best-loved videogames on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


  • Thumbsticks with L3 and R3 buttons are supported
  • It connects directly to the iPhone, it provides greater gaming
  • It performs perfectly with the PS4 Remote Play
  • Responsive buttons


  • Unable to modify the phone holder
  • Upon purchasing, you will almost certainly need to upgrade the firmware
  • The L3 and R3 buttons do not presently compatible with Fortnite


Rotor Riot Controller for iPhone is available on Amazon at $49.95 & FREE Returns and Rotor Riot has a good 4.3 out of 5-star rating. 

For decades, gaming controllers have become an aspect of the greater iPhone experience, however, Apple’s outdated certification restrictions prevented them from entirely replicating the very same experience as an Xbox One controller as well as Sony DualShock 4. 

Even the finest ones generally come with a price. You may need to hit the gamepad controller keys a few times until they activate. In other circumstances, the delay is exorbitant, especially when the game controllers are Bluetooth-enabled. 

Worse, you generally can’t push down with either of the game controller’s thumbsticks, thereby rendering some video games unplayable.

And, this is why I’m overjoyed seeing the Rotor Riot Game Controller. This is the first MFi (Made for iPhone) controller to enjoy the benefits of Apple’s newer constraints, which went into effect with iOS 12. 

Besides, it has several flaws on its own, but somehow it avoids the pitfalls noted above. As well as its current support for the thumbstick keys making it especially well enough for PS4 Remote Play at a time even if it’s a reasonably popular product on iOS. 

Moreover, Given gaming’s massive representation on the App Store, I’m a bit shocked that a firm probably most famous for manufacturing drone components was the first one to carry it off.

Razer Kishi Smartphone Game Controllers

Source:, Razer Kishi Smartphone Game Controllers

The Razer Kishi is the mobile gaming-focused manufacturer’s newest smartphone gamepad, succeeding the aged Jungle cat, and then it appears to be meant to be among the most expensive options in the industry. 

And, It has a robust construction, more keys than most other rivals. And its connected software also works as a videogame launcher in itself.

The most significant Junglecat concern that the Kishi addresses are smartphone accessibility; although the earlier gamepad just functioned with a few mobile phones.

Besides, the Kishi will attach to a broad range of Android devices, as long as your smartphone has a USB-C connector. iPhones are not currently compatible, but an iOS edition of the Kishi is expected to be launched sometime during mid-2020.

The greatest difficulty with the Kishi is, surprisingly, compatibility, however with video games rather than smartphones. 

Although your Kishi will naturally function on several video games, sparing you the bother of mapping the controller yourself which may be time-consuming for each latest game.

And, Razer Kishi game controller only works on a limited number of titles. And you can’t use this on those that were not on the database. 

Moreover, if you desire to utilize some of the most popular game streaming sites. It’s certainly worth installing the Razer Gamepad application before purchasing the Kishi to check which of your faves are compatible.

Design of Razer Kishi Smartphone Game Controllers

The Razer Kishi comprises left and right gamepad controllers, however, unlike so many other smartphone gamepad controllers. The Kishi’s halves are attached flexibly to a central holding plate that sits behind the smartphone. 

When linked to a smartphone, this ensures that the gamepads are snugly linked. As well as when not being used, you can pack them up into a small block.

The Razer Kishi, like many gamepads, does have a plastic body and is hence incredibly light. Mounting it to a smartphone won’t contribute much weight to the cellphone. And then we could simply slip Razer Kishi into a bag when it’s not in operation without feeling burdened.

Again, the left side of the Razer Kishi includes a joystick at the upper edge and a D-pad below (similar to an Xbox gamepad). And also a home button, additional function keypad, including two triggers. 

And, the right side features the very same 2 triggers: a downward joystick, one function key, and 4 ‘face’ keys, which use the Xbox X, Y, A, and B.

Considering that almost all mobile devices have speakers on the lower end, the Kishi’s right-hand side has tiny vents for audio to travel through. And also a USB-C connector which you insert into the smartphone to link the gamepad. As well as a USB-C port so that you can start charging your mobile device when you’re playing games, although this gamepad itself cannot be charged. 

And, it’s also important to keep in mind that the joysticks are clickable, giving you that much more controller options.

Pros of Smartphone Game Controllers

  • Strong construction
  • Most smartphones are compatible


  • There is no possibility to map buttons
  • The list of video game compatibility is limited


Razer Kishi Game Controller is available on Amazon at $84.99 & FREE Returns and Razer Kishi has a good 4.4 out of 5-star rating.

Most mobile phone gamepads need you to manually map the settings to places on the screen, which often correlate to in-game keys so that you can specify where the cellphone ‘thinks’ you’re hitting when you really touch the controller’s capacitive buttons. Razer Kishi’s strength, as well as its vulnerability, is not true.

Supported video games for the Razer Kishi game controller have a pre-baked control strategy that fits with the Razer Kishi gamepad so that you can quickly connect that in and begin playing.

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First and foremost, ensure that the smartphone game controller is compatible with your current smartphone. Many smartphone controllers are exclusively available for Android, although there are lots of iPhone possibilities as well. 

Also, pay close attention to the version availability, particularly if you’re using an older edition of Android or iPhone, as certain game controllers will require the latest version to perform.

We hope you like our review of the Rotor Riot controller for iPhone and Razer Kishi game controllers and if you have any queries regarding the review of the best two smartphone game controllers mentioned in the comment section.

And also let us know which one Rotor Riot or Razer Kishi you would like to buy in the future?

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