Nuclear Yacht

Nuclear Yacht: Nuclear-powered Science Ship Earth 300

The largest global super Nuclear Yacht is on its way to being the most sophisticated exploration and research vessel. In particular, you haven’t noticed, our seas are in bad shape. 

Sea levels are rising due to environmental change, overfishing is destroying aquatic life, and there’s the pesky issue with the millions of bits of plastic we throw in the ocean nearly every day. 

However, we are about to receive a huge. And I mean truly huge, a new weapon to aid in the protection of our oceans. It is the Rev Ocean, the world’s biggest yacht. 

It’s the pet project of a Norwegian billionaire, and it’s named after the nonprofit he founded devoted to restoring the ocean’s wellbeing.

However, while the previous champion was planned for luxurious sailing, the current champion was created to research our oceans. Cnet news reporter had the opportunity to speak with REV ocean CEO Nina Jensen regarding the launch, what that was like for you the 1st moment you stepped on board the vessel, and so on.

Nina Jensen told Cnet that it was very intimidating. To be frank, I believe it is difficult to comprehend the sheer scale of such a vessel before setting foot on it. And this is by far the biggest research ship on the planet. So I suppose the best way to explain it is overwhelming. But yet exciting, despite what we will do with such an incredible ship.

Let’s start with the obvious: the REV ocean Nuclear Yacht is 600 feet deep. That’s a full ten/1o feet bigger than the reigning champion. This thing is outfitted with cutting-edge technology to aid in ocean water exploration missions.

Nina Jensen also shared that they will also have a world-first submarine that will carry up to 3 individuals down to about 2300 meters for science observations, discovery, including sample collection. In the central hangar, there will also be a moon pool with easy entry to the ocean under the ship. They can deploy and rescue underwater vessels from there.

And, this is also the first Nuclear Yacht to have this sophisticated trawl technology, which helps scientists to safely capture fish from the surface. 

There are also echo sounders and sonars to research fish and chart the seabed and tides. In addition, there will be 2 helicopter landing ducks on the ship, as well as numerous drones. 

And, though it may seem strange that a tool intended to help save the atmosphere is a giant mega yacht, REV Ocean believes that the gains will outweigh the costs, potentially leading to more environmentally friendly vessels.

The Earth 300 is a massive undertaking, but that is precisely the point, as per the guy leading it. Aaron Olivera aspires to create a complete disbelief object that will heighten global awareness of climate change. He compares it to the Skyscrapers of this century or the Olympic Torch of international science.

As per his LinkedIn profile, Aaron Olivera was the director of Falcon Royal Yachts before creating Earth 300, where he assisted in the development of 2 luxurious megayachts built by Porsche. 

And, Olivera formerly served at Corporate Grand, where he created exclusive dining and entertainment opportunities for the super-duper wealthy.

While questioned why he wanted to build a ship to research environmental issues. Olivera mentioned that the seas are the entire planet’s heartbeat and there must be no existence without seas.

Olivera told Science Focus that this Nuclear Yacht was created to grab people’s interest, and their emotions and fantasies. And also Olivera said that if they want to create major bold improvements, we need everyone’s support. And we mean everyone, of all ages, cultures, and intellect levels.

The vessel will be outfitted with integrated cameras, artificial intelligence, automation, advanced machine learning. And real-time data analysis, as well as the world’s largest only commercial, ocean-going quantum computer to accommodate the massive volumes of data it will generate. 

According to Olivera, Earth 300 will be fully accessible, with the information shared with all other scientists around the world.

It would also have zero emissions since it will be fuelled by atomic power from an integrated molten salt reactor. It is defined as an atomic rechargeable battery and is based on TerraPower’s emerging technologies. A ‘nuclear technologies’ company founded by Bill Gates.

Olivera explained that at the moment, neither quantum computation nor a molten salt reactor has been built on a ship.

He also said that to get to that point, both would need a high degree of engineering. Then they will learn about how this ship could have over a million sensors on board. This will be constructed as a floating device, which will be difficult.

Of course, none of this Nuclear Yacht equipment is inexpensive. Executives at Earth 300 estimate that the ship would expense between £350 to  £500 million to construct Private funding and a host of collaborations are contributing to finance the project. But rich visitors will also be able to purchase VIP tickets. 

And, you will buy a 10-day VIP trip on the vessel for £2.2 million or $3 million and sit in comfortable accommodation with front row chairs to game-changing scientific knowledge.

While Olivera is passionate about his dream, there is still a long way to go before it becomes a reality. It took the developer 6 years as well as $5 million to develop a highly advanced concept to begin listing the development of the superyacht, which will be worked out hesitantly in dockyards in Europe and South Korea.

It is expected to travel 300 days per year, earning approximately $100 million from affluent eco-tourism. You can also get extra money if you rent it out for parties or even as a film set.

Olivera confirms that the strategic strategy has been reviewed by the accounting firm KPMG and that 80 percent of proceeds will be donated to environmental causes. 

Furthermore, he stated that the science initiative will be “open access,” with computing infrastructure and data exchanged with other environmental research projects worldwide. mentions that they are merging exploration and education to transform customers into donors. The engagement is both immediate and continuous. 

And, imagine embarking on one of the most exciting and rewarding journeys of your life. One that will take you to the forefront of technological innovation. 

While the apple breaks, you’re lying underneath the tree with Newton, wandering on the moon alongside Armstrong as well as Aldrin, holding Galileo’s telescope inside one hand and then a nice libation in another. 

And, you will collaborate and dream alongside some of the world’s most prominent philosophers. You’re going to create history with Earth300.

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