Artificial Intelligence Prevents Dementia

New Medical Study Reveals: Artificial Intelligence Prevents Dementia

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is preventing dementia?

From surgeries assisted by robots to safeguarding private health records using Post-Quantum cryptography (PQC) protocols as implemented by Sandbox AQ, Artificial Intelligence is utilized in several sectors of the healthcare industry. Recently, AI is being used to help stave off dementia. Here are a few studies to prevent dementia using AI that are underway:

Research at the University Of Flordia (UF)

According to Adams Woods, Associate Director of the Center for Cognitive Aging and Memory (CAM) at UF, their team is using targeted transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS) to save memories. “What we’re trying to do is intervene at that point when it starts to sharply decline to bring those skills back up. It’s a weak form of electrical stimulation applied to the scalp. And this weak electric current actually has the ability to alter how the neurons behave.”

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