Vaonis Vespera Telescope

Vaonis Vespera Telescope Reviews And Buying Guide

Vaonis Vespera Telescope: Vaonis’ innovative digital telescope is set to revolutionize astrophotography more affordable than it has ever been.

Vaonis, a French company that caused controversy in 2018 whenever it introduced the pricy, sci-fi cyborg Stellina smart telescopes, has presented its next beginner-friendly astrophotography innovation: Vespera, a relatively small, lightweight, and less expensive counterpart of Stellina. 

At the yearly Consumer Electronics Show last year, Vespera got the CES 2021 Top of Technology development Award for electronic image and photography. Vaonis’ next move is a fantastic one with Vespera. Former NASA Astronaut and Varonis spokesperson Terry Virts stated in a press conference to

And, he said that Vespera will consider taking their wonderful technology that enables anybody to study deep-sky phenomena like stars and planets and make it more accessible and cheap to everybody. Both Vespera, as well as Stellina, use a mobile smartphone to display pictures instead of an eyepiece, and also the telescopes are operated by a smartphone application.

Even though they utilize your smartphone or tablet GPS to adjust themselves, these telescopes need almost no installation whatsoever, making them ideal for recreational stargazers searching for a quick method to observe deep-space objects such as nebulae, planets, & star clusters.

Vespera which indicates “evening” in Latin features the same streamlined, futuristic style as its bigger sibling. However, it’s smaller and weighs only about half as much. It is only 4 inches or 9 cm smaller than Stellina and seems to be 15 inches 40 centimeters in height.

Both Vespera, as well as Stellina, utilize refractor lenses, however, Vespera seems to have a shorter aperture of 2 inches or 50 millimeters with a focal ratio of f/4, whereas Stellina does have a 3-inch (80 mm) f/5 aperture. The picture resolution is however lowered somewhat, at 2 megapixels compared to Stellina’s 6.4 megapixels.

While Vespera may sacrifice certain features for the compact, more economical design, the picture quality is still rather good when people compare it to Stellina’s photos. While not suitable for skilled astrophotography, Vespera provides some lovely images of the evening sky.

Everything We Know About Vaonis Vespera Telescope:

Vespera is presently offered for presale for $1,499, which is around one-third the pricing of Stellina, which again is $3,999. Vaonis anticipates that Vesperas will begin delivering mostly in the spring of 2022. Again, throughout 2020, the smart telescope earned upwards of 2.5 million USD on Kickstarter.

Features of Vaonis Vespera Telescope

To be truthful, Vaonis wants everyone to be able to explore the cosmos around us. They changed the world of astrophysics in 2018 by building the very first smart observatory station, and since then, thousands of astronomy fans have shared their enthusiasm as well as their images of the galaxy. Consumers like Vaonis because they all have great products.


Vespera calibrates itself using your phone’s GPS, star patterns identification, and astrometry. Install your gadget and have it prepared in much less than five min.


Vaonis’ observation post is outfitted with Go-To technology. Choose a destination in the application or input some celestial parameters, and this will automatically change and aim for it.


Vespera, which is powered by a motor and operated by an inbuilt microprocessor, continuously monitors your star object while adjusting for Earth’s spin.


Vaonis telescopes have been the only ones in the industry with autofocus. There is no longer the need for any human assistance to assure that your images are crisp. Telescopes have captivated our imaginations for millennia. They have been our gateway to the undiscovered, our means of exploring, discovering, and contemplating the unknown. 

And, they have developed throughout time to assist humans to see far and finer. Vaonis developed and built a new product by following in the footsteps of all those who walked before us. 

Besides, to provide new opportunities to everybody, a piece of observation equipment is being developed. Considering their recognizable design, Vespera and Stellina assert their individuality in the astronomical landscape with grace and beauty. For a groundbreaking experience, a new design was created.

Design of Vaonis Vespera Telescope

Vesper was designed by Vanos to be the ideal mix of a telescope and a camera that would let you communicate with the planets. Watching and documenting the beauty of the universe may be tough.  Besides, users sometimes complain that telescopes are difficult to use because they are weighty and bulky with Aspera; however, this is no longer applicable. 

And, we chose the much more convenient eyepiece. Your cell phone along with our software, allows you to share cosmic discoveries with your parents and siblings in near real-time.  Again, you may now photograph the moon, stars, nebulae, and so much more. Vesper is just 10 pounds, 15 inches in height, and fits in a bag.

It is indeed time to go discover the globe and have spectacular environmental adventures. It’s incredibly simple to use; simply set up the equipment with the movable legs and push the trigger. Allow Vesper to spring to fruition and configure itself through your GPS equipment and Starfield identification; just choose the item you wish to view and this device will aim and follow it, correcting for the Rotation of the earth. 

And, this carrier is also the ideal combination of compact and performance. This has a cutting-edge quadruplet apochromatic telescope, which is one of the most precise and efficient optical technologies in the industry, with minimal distortion. Spera achieves astounding outcomes by utilizing the most recent Sony sensor built for the extremely poor lighting.


Vespera reimagines the act of observing. Using our smartphone application to view the stars permits you to travel throughout the expanse of the Cosmos with your friends or relatives.  And, link approximately 5 smartphones to your station using the multiple user options. After which share your High Definition discoveries on social networking sites. Moreover, people can now share their enthusiasm with the rest of the world.


Vespera is your newest monitoring station, combining a telescope as well as a camera. Vespera, a smart and completely autonomous robot, is causing a worldwide revolution. In Astronomy With an entirely new perspective, It will help you to connect with stars via the power of sight. The marvels of the Galaxy are now easily available to everybody.

Discover and view the evening sky, and make your own observations. Photographs of distant stars, information more about the Universe and save all of your findings in one location. And, people can Pre-order Vespera from Vaonis official site at $1499.

Final Thought

The Vespera is a fantastic piece of equipment worthy of producing unbelievable photographs that would be difficult to obtain from any other type of telescope, especially in a light-polluted metropolitan area. And yet it has an unintended effect; it seamlessly demonstrates to you the evening sky. But somehow it ensures you haven’t ever observed those amazing views with your own eyes.

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