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Tiktok Partners With Blockchain Startup And Creators May Benefit

Blockchain-based music streaming platform Audius has joined forces with the social media app TikTok, becoming the first service in an exclusive partnership. Music income goes to the artists in the form of a small cut. Audius hopes to change this. The U.S. music industry is expected to generate $23 billion in …

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Data privacy Concern, Blockchain is a Solution

Data privacy Concern

Data privacy Concern: Data privacy is an issue that is causing concern, but blockchain offers an answer. Personalization is today’s consumers’ top priority, but concerns over consumer privacy have been growing remarkably fast. One study from Entrust, a digital security and credential issuance company, showed that only 21% of respondents have …

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AI Apps for the Alzheimer’s Prediction!!!

Alzheimer Prediction app

Artificial intelligence is the current and the next big thing, as it is now everywhere and scientists are trying to make the best use of the advanced technology. In a recent study, it has been revealed that AI can even help in diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease faster and also improve prognosis. …

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