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Machine Learning- Top Tech Trend That Adds Value to Businesses

Machine Learning development

Did you know that the global machine learning market size is expected to reach USD 117.19 billion by 2027?   The continuous rise of immersive technologies like Machine Learning has automated the operations and reduced human intervention. It is best known as the subset or can say the application of Artificial …

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Check Out the 5 Highest Revenue Generating Mobile Game Apps

mobile gaming

Did you know from 2.4 billion global mobile gamers in 2020, the number is expected to reach 2.7 billion in 2021?  The surge in gaming apps and gamers has made the gaming industry boom. Games are not limited to playgrounds nowadays, the technological advancement in the world on online gaming …

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Voice Search Optimization: How it Helps Businesses Rank Better?

voice search

How fast the technology is growing is witnessed with the development of innovative and fast solutions that are impacting every sphere of life. Like AI, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, etc. Google Voice Search is the biggest hit. In Search Engine Optimization, Voice Search has been considered the biggest trend. The …

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